Sinful Surrender

Sinful Surrender Psychic Menage Wow! This would make a fantasic Scifi movie! #ASMSG #SCIFIHi to everyone and my VIPS, it’s time for my Sinful Surrender!

Okay today I wanted to surrender my feelings about how much this reviewer warmed my heart when she said these kind and touching words about my work. She made me cry with joy (You’d think I won the Oscar and I felt like I had) I realized I’d reached my goal to entertain and touch your souls with my words. I’d created worlds for her and you, that you could see and feel. She’d let me know with her 5 beautiful stars – she made me see I had revealed characters for you to fall in love with and others for you to hate (without guilt) – what she said in that lengthy review (which I loved) let me know deep in my heart that I’d made it as an author.

For those of you just discovering me (click on the banner above) to check out my author page at Amazon and read my reviews – I can proudly say they are all real and done by total strangers (NO family or Friends) at the time they were posted – but I confess and surrender some of these reviewers have touched me so deeply I had to contact them (when possible) to thank them and yes, some have become personal friends to me now.

Having said all that – who agrees with this reviewer?

Big hugs

PS Find below a snippet of Sinful Surrender bk 1 Psychic Menage Series (I picked this clip because you’ll think of it when you read my coming soon book Renegade Rapture #5 in this series)

“Gansu.” Chandra patted him on the back then tossed a hand out in introductions. “This is Fay Avalon and Logan.”
He focused his powder-blue eyes on Fay. “Era uoy ton Ednaloe, rethguad ot Neeuq fo nalc Naleehk, regnuoy retsis ot Dlogiram? Wohs em ruoy oottat.”
She stiffened, looking very uncomfortable under his scrutiny. “Pardon me?”
He lowered his gaze and bowed his head. “My mistake, I thought you spoke Elvish. I said you resemble someone I knew long ago.” His glance shifted to Chandra.
An uncomfortable silence fell around them. So, Logan pondered. The lore Drakker told me about the Old World Moles with bloodlines tied to a faery race is true. It was the first time he’d heard the actual language spoken.
It was clear Chandra was unaware of the awkwardness when she asked Gansu, “You found Logan’s brother?”
“Oh, the stranger.” He raised his gaze and looked at Logan. “Yes, he’s in the ER. I’ll take you there.” He led them toward a spiral staircase in the middle of the circular area. Rubbing the top of one of his elongated ears, he looked at Fay and said, “Exceptional color to your eyes, my dear.”
Again, her body stiffened at his comment. She passed him without uttering a word and descended the stairs. Gansu placed his hand at the center of Logan’s chest, stopping him from following the women.

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