I have a very special guest today…a rare occasion indeed when we authors and readers get to truly enjoy a sexy and talented male cover model. And trust me girls…he’s not only a very sweet and intelligent man but he’s got a very seductive voice!

Today I’d like to present a multi-talented and very sexy man – John Quinlan from Boston, Massachusetts. He’s doing many things at the moment as well as fitness, fashion, art, and romance cover modeling. In May 2013, he appeared as a newly featured Cover Model at the Romantic Times (RT) Convention in Kansas City, MO.


Since his introduction into the romance world, he’s gone on to be featured on 38+ Romance Novel Covers and appeared at the 2014 RT Convention in New Orleans, LA where he made an appearance as an official RT Convention Cover Model. A year later, he was a featured cover model at the RT Book Lovers Convention in Dallas, Texas. This hot man was then signed on by the RT Convention to appear as their featured cover model at the 2016 RT Book Lovers Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And if you haven’t noticed those beautiful Tattoos…Quinlan has been referred to as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.

Please help me WELCOME John J. Quinlan. 


John, can you tell us why a physique competitor (with multi awards), as well as being a professional wrestler, (who wrestled with some top wrestlers) would get into modeling?

I think being around health and wellness from a very young age was the real foundation I had. I never judge myself, I always let others judge me and I go by their opinions. Many people suggested I had a great look to get into modeling and after a few years of hearing this I decided to test it out. I began as a teenager in the gyms doing small fitness ads for gym equipment and flyers for local places. I think as time went on and I got a bit more serious about it and began to fine tune my nutrition & workout routine little bit more things just progressed in a positive direction. I guess more people heard about John Quinlan and they began using me for new projects and they became something I enjoyed doing. I am very honored and humbled by all the positive words I received from so many people around the globe as a model. It has allowed me to meet so many great people that I became friends with and established relationships that will last a lifetime.

As of the last year, you’ve been competing in a lot of physique competitions. Your ranks are quite impressive within the community. Can you tell us why you continue to body build when you’re so busy with your blooming acting career?

Thank you for your kind words. In the last four years, I competed in 25 Men’s Physique competitions in the National Physique Committee and I placed first five times which are all very special to me. As of now I am officially retired from competitions, although I still enjoy the physique and bodybuilding lifestyles. They help establish a nice foundation for me to be a more well rounded & healthy individual. The most valuable thing I have taken away from being a former competitor on stage which helped me as an actor is being able to live a more disciplined life style. As a competitor, I had goals and taking that mindset with me as an actor is a great asset towards success. There was so many talented competitors I competed with and against and I thank them all because they brought out the best in me.

You’ve got two major film projects coming soon, can you tell us a little bit about them?

Yes I have two projects on the table right now. The first being the Boston film project. I can’t reveal too much at the current moment as we are keeping it under wraps via lawyers and copyrights but it is a great project that will be submitted to several major syndications as a series. We all believe it has great substance and chemistry with a great cast to really be something special. The second is the 2017 film in which I will be a featured actor. The title of the movie is, ‘A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives’ directed and produced by Jillian Bullock. Jillian is an amazing lady and a true inspiration to me and so many all over the world. My character is a mean and nasty individual, nothing like the real me, and is a very dramatic role as US Army Captain Jake Nixon. I recently just filmed my portion for the trailer and I have to go back in September to film my official part in the full length film in Philadelphia. From what I’m told, the movie will premiere at the Indie Film Festival and then have the major screening in Philadelphia with all the critics. From there it will go to theater or possibly HBO. We will see how everything turns out, as it is a great movie with a mixed martial arts and military theme. It really wakes up the world to a couple of the major problems in the military today which are neglected and often misunderstood which are sexual misconduct and post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. I am honored to be an actor in such an amazing film, which stars Christopher Mann from HBO’s ‘The Wire’. It is going to be great and I truly look forward to both of these special projects coming soon.

I can’t wait to see both of these. Seeing that you’re doing so well with the acting, will you continue to model?

As an actor I will always continue to model as it is a passion of mine that I associate with my youth. People in the modeling industry from all over the world have been so great to me. I always consider it an honor when a company or brand, request me to model their brand. There are so many other great models in the world and one decides to go with me it is special. I never take those decisions for granted and I always do my best to give a great product in return as my token of appreciation.

So, what’s coming up next for you that we can be watching for?

Well as I mentioned I have the two film projects on the table right now and in addition to these I will also be a featured model in Las Vegas this coming April at the 2016 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention for a fourth consecutive year. This year’s event will be hosted by the Rio Hotel & Casino. It should be a great time as I truly appreciate all the authors from around the world who have been so good to me. It will be a great chance for me to see them again as well as my cover model brothers. Special thanks to author Roxanne Rose for sponsoring me this year for this great event. God Bless You

It has been wonderful having you here today, but before I let you go give us girl something to fantasize about…tell us, if you could be a hero in one of my books (Cowboy, superhero, pirate, or a leather wearing bad boy) which would you be and why?

First of all, I would be honored to be a cover model on one of your books. I would love to have that happen very soon. If I had to choose what I would be on your cover, I guess it would make sense as a bad guy. All the acting roles that I have been selected for thus far have been that of the bad guy villain type so I think it would make sense to be on your cover as a leather wearing bad guy.

Trust me…I will be taking you up on the offer as a model on my next cover! (((HUGS))) Havens winks at all the green-eyed ladies reading this!

5 Fun Sinful Quickie Questions:

1-Do you like white chocolate or dark? Dark

2-Favorite feature on a woman? Eyes

3-Boxer, briefs, or commando? Commando

4-Guilty pleasure? Crying during emotional movies

5-For a sexy getaway – Tropical Beach or Winter Cabin Retreat? Tropical Beach


Thank you for spending time with us today, this has been fun…anything else you’d like to add before we close?

It was an honor being interviewed by such an amazing author. Thank you for having me.

Thank you sweetie…it’s been my pleasure having you! *wink* By the way our sexy man here will be on blog talk radio TONIGHT at 11PM EST
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