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A chapter out of my book ‘Secrets of Writing a Bestseller’ #ASMSG #MFRWauthor

@HoustonHavens secrets

Secrets of Writing a Bestseller

Today I’d like to share a Secret…on writing. When I was an unpublished writer all the published authors had a mantra: Show Don’t Tell. They said it so much, I felt like that was the only advice they had…and I was sick of it! First, that motto didn’t make sense to me – so I would be damned if I was going to follow such advice…yep, that’s me, a feisty Irish lass….a woman who walks her own path and will pay the price to walk it the way I please…thank you very much. And just so you know, I prefer to do a wee jig as I dance through me life – at least I can die saying – I did it my way…with a dance in me step.

It was then, as an unpublished writer when I decided to write a book called ‘Secrets On Writing A Bestseller’ and I set out to uncover those published authors’ secrets at getting published with every intent on telling each and every one of those secrets they guarded amongst themselves.

I’m not afraid of competition. I’m a firm believer there are plenty of readers to go around and share. No author has the same voice in telling a story, because our telling comes from our interests, beliefs, and slant on life and the subject in which the plot is taking place. No two beings have the same exact way of seeing things. NOT EVEN TWINS. …

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Featured Author: Lindsay McKenna – Wind River Rancher #asmsg



By Lindsay McKenna

Wind River Rancher, Book 2, Wind River Valley series, is an emotional story that will suck every reader in. I’m known for gritty, visceral and emotional writing, and this book is no exception. It just happened to catch the eye of Publisher’s Weekly and it received a ‘starred’ review (like winning an Oscar) on 12.3.16.

This series I’m writing is about military vets returning home from combat from all over the world, mostly focused on the Middle East. Having been in the US Navy during the Vietnam War era (I served stateside as a weather forecaster at USNAS Moffett Field (now known as Silicon Valley) near San Francisco, California.

Book 1, Wind River Wrangler, the hero is an ex-Army Special Forces operator, Roan Taggart. He has left the Army with PTSD, no longer able to function at that high level any longer in black ops duties. He gets a job as a wrangler at the Wind River Ranch, where it’s quieter, it’s out in Nature and he is slowly healing from his internal PTSD wounds. Only, as life usually slaps us in the face, one way or another, he’s thrown back into a threat/life-and-death situation with Shiloh Gallagher, a writer from New York City. She’s escaped to the ranch to hide from a stalker who has torn her life apart. Figuring if she lives in Wyoming to write, her …

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Horrifying Dangerous Black-Eyed Children #ASMSG #MFRWauthor

Horrifying Dangerous Black-Eyed Children #ASMSG #MFRWauthor @houstonhavens

It’s three in the morning and there’s an insistent knocking on your door. What do you do when you see there are two young black-eyed children on your porch?

The Indigo kids: who are they and what do they want? Why do they create such dread in us? They cause even the bravest of men FEAR and can bring the strongest man to tears in overwhelming TERROR.

Since 1998 Worldwide reports of young children, between the ages of five to eighteen, dressed in non-descriptive baggy clothes (most wearing hoodies) making long dreadful repeated knocking on your door after dark.

Despite your cat streaking across the room to hide in the closet and your dog suddenly trembling at the knocks, and an unexplainable foreboding that consumes you, you feel compelled to open the door. You find one or two children standing very still with their heads down as if looking at their feet.

You asks if they’re alright.

One of them speaks to you. Your gut twists when he speaks in a robotic monotone. Your gut screams something isn’t right. The strange child’s voice is that of a confident adult and he’s requesting YOU to let them into your house. The urge to slam the door is overwhelming, but the logic side of your brain is telling you to help the children. As if reading your thoughts, the child plays on your sympathy. Telling you they’re lost and are being followed.

“Let us into your home,” the child says ending his statement …

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How an International Bestselling author, Houston Havens finds her story-lines. #ASMSG

Houston havens - story-lines

Story-lines: My idea for the Psychic Menage Series (erotic romance – not erotica) was a spin off from the original book I wrote (straight romance) A lover’s Paradox (To be published) when I stumbled across these photos.

I was amazed when I saw these pictures. But as an author I had to wonder why we were never taught anything about these beings in school. So I had to start asking the four W’s – Who, what, where and why…in answering these questions, my ‘creative’ mind started forming a plot – a devious one. One that boils down to keeping the power and technology they uncovered all to themselves, and a cataclysmic history that will repeat itself every 3657 years.

What is our government hiding from us?  

I was shocked when I read the first evidence of Giant humans (a foot print) was found back in 1910! IN AMERICA!

Another article showed one of these giant foot prints discover right next to a dinosaur’s foot print. Actually the article said they were walking next to each other along the Paluxy River bed in Texas! Now, will someone please tell me – Why would the government keep this curious part of our history a secret?

As you can see from this skeleton above and the ones below –

these human’s were not rare or just an oddities or an occasional deformed human. They’re not Cro-magnon men or Neanderthals either! These are perfectly formed very normal healthy humans; just giant in size! …

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Hollywood’s Newest Amazing Film Maker #ASMSG #Movie

#HoustonHavens interview with Jillian Bullock

Welcome everyone!

I have a very special guest here today –

She’s an amazing woman and her name is Jillian Bullock – it’s a name you’ll never forget after reading this post, because this fabulous woman is not only a successful businesswoman, but a woman who will inspire and motivate you to find your dreams and make them happen.

Jillian’s personal story is about courage, self-motivation, and inner strengths. It didn’t matter what life handed her, she knew she was someone important in this hard world and she wanted to leave her mark for those who followed her. Against all the odds, she did and is still doing just that – leaving her mark on each and every one of us with her words and films.

Welcome Jillian! Before we get into how I met you, can you tell us a little about your life (I’ve found your history awe inspiring) and how you got to where you are today?

Jillian: I grew up as an African-American girl with my mother, siblings and my white stepfather, who was a member of the Philadelphia Italian Mafia. Around age fifteen, my stepfather died. My mother got married to another guy, an abusive man. Since I was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do around this time, one day my new stepfather was beating on my mother and I jumped in. I broke the guy’s nose. Instead of my mother being grateful I came to her aid, she kicked me …

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