Why are so many romance readers put off by the words Science Fiction even when you put the word Romance behind it – they’re still reluctant to buy the book…WHY? I’ve spent a lot of time musing about this…and I’m lost to understand why?

Many of my Amazon readers have left comments saying things that start out like this: I hate Sci-Fi so I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book but … Or  OMG, I wasn’t a fan of Dystopian Sci-fi stories but… Only to finish like this: …if this is Sci-Fi I’m hooked! and I’m so glad I read it!  and Ms. Havens has made me a fan for life! 

I understand if you’re not a fan of orthodox Science Fiction, but when it comes with Romance tagged behind it, I assumed (I know – big mistake) the readers would know the main plot in this multi-layered story would be romance flavored in Science Fiction. SO, for those of you who haven’t DARED to try me yet because I tag my work with Sci-Fi – I’ve just released a TEASER book called SEDUCING HERSeducing Her by Houston Havens

This TEASER book has the first 3 to 4 chapters of the first four books in my Psychic Menage Series so you can give me a test read and see if you might like to take a chance with me. You’ll see how I blend and mix not only Sci-Fi but ten other genre into this ROMANCE series.

And DO NOT judge this series by it’s title “Menage” I am not what you’d call an author who writes INSIDE THE BOX. I’m an Irish girl with an Irish attitude – I don’t follow the average erotic-menage-style of writing (eroticA) – I lead my readers down a path I call True Sizzling, Seductive, and very Classy (sometimes erotic) romance (NOT EROTICA).

Once you read my books, you’ll see why I refuse to be boxed in to the “OLD” industry’s rules on what “THEY” think the readers want. I know what readers want. Though this may sound arrogant, this statement comes from knowledge – from the time I spent as an Acquisition Editor and from the reviews that my own books received. I believe other AE’s and Publisher know what readers want (they keep telling authors ‘bring us something different, BUT when an author does – the AE or publishers just won’t take a leap of faith and go for it. Me? I saw it and jumped in with both feet…you can’t “know” until you do…so I did.

What most people don’t know is when I first started writing, I wrote standard romance. However, before I submitted my first manuscript, an author friend tried to talk me into writing Erotica. I honestly didn’t want to write that genre, it was just a sexual situation…that wasn’t enough for me…I wanted more from my writing than sex. I decided I would do it MY WAY. I ended up writing not erotica but Erotic Romance (there is a difference – erotic romance is softer in it’s sexual descriptions. There’s more love involved and there is a story plot that goes with a romance story line with the bedroom doors open but not as descriptive as erotica). However, even erotic romance wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t enough for the readers I dreamed would devour my books.


My way gave readers what I’d heard them asking for. I decided to do a very classy, tastefully intriguing, and sizzling series. I wanted to give my readers EVERYTHING and MORE – so I weaved a multi-layered series into stories with three plot lines (a series plot with a book plot and a romance/sexual plot). It was then I created Sinful Surrender book one of the Psychic Menage series. I based this series plot on years of research. Things I’d learned and discovered about our reality. Secret things were going on in our world that only a chosen few knew about. I wanted to expose (like my character Fay Avalon) all the truths and myths and what ifs. I’d heard one of our Presidents talk about Psychic Spies, but he never told the public what or who they were. What could they do? How did they do whatever it was they did? What part of what they did was psychic? I wanted to know. In investigating psychic spies I stumbled across D.U.M.B. and in that research I kept running into a very odd connections about a group called the Illuminati. I found more strange facts and connections about technologies we have. The public still has no clue we have it. I uncovered HAARP and other weapons and the shocking ways they were being used. Some were so far out it’s hard to believe…but reality can’t be denied. I found bloodline connections between the Elites and secrets about our real history that we have never been taught. I wanted to know why. I wanted to forget writing romance and write a tell-all book – but who would read it? NO one. That’s when I realized the best way to show and tell the truth is to entertain people while doing it. Based on my reviews, I’ve entertained you well, and in that entertaining I’ve opened a few eyes.

For those who don’t know, Sinful Surrender hit ARe and Amazon (International and National) Bestsellers list 6 days after it was released. #Houston Havens #Sinful Surrender

–Amazon reader–

This wildly captivating novel blew me away with the vivid and oh-so-real descriptions.

Heat and spice vie with action, intrigue, and betrayal in this one of a kind novel.

Havens ramps up to a very action packed and suspenseful ending …..

…This is definitely a SciFi/dystopian tale like no other.

… A fantastic cast of characters…

…something (a series) you won’t forget. The contrasts between the characters adds a great deal of conflict and depth to the story….Packs an emotional punch and makes them seem even more real.

So my dear readers…next time you see Sci-Fi or Menage listed as a category – don’t shy away thinking it’s like all the other Sci-Fi or Menages – some authors may just surprise you.

I hope I’m one of those who do.

Hugs and Kisses

#HoustonHavens #SeducingHer #Sinful Surrender


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