Horrifying Dangerous Black-Eyed Children #ASMSG #MFRWauthor @houstonhavens

It’s three in the morning and there’s an insistent knocking on your door. What do you do when you see there are two young black-eyed children on your porch?

The Indigo kids: who are they and what do they want? Why do they create such dread in us? They cause even the bravest of men FEAR and can bring the strongest man to tears in overwhelming TERROR.

Since 1998 Worldwide reports of young children, between the ages of five to eighteen, dressed in non-descriptive baggy clothes (most wearing hoodies) making long dreadful repeated knocking on your door after dark.

Despite your cat streaking across the room to hide in the closet and your dog suddenly trembling at the knocks, and an unexplainable foreboding that consumes you, you feel compelled to open the door. You find one or two children standing very still with their heads down as if looking at their feet.

You asks if they’re alright.

One of them speaks to you. Your gut twists when he speaks in a robotic monotone. Your gut screams something isn’t right. The strange child’s voice is that of a confident adult and he’s requesting YOU to let them into your house. The urge to slam the door is overwhelming, but the logic side of your brain is telling you to help the children. As if reading your thoughts, the child plays on your sympathy. Telling you they’re lost and are being followed.

“Let us into your home,” the child says ending his statement by using YOUR NAME and all you want to do is run in fear. You don’t know these children. You tremble and wonder how he knew your name. The kid tells you they need to use your bathroom, or that it’s cold out (even if it’s a hot August night in Florida) and will you let them into your home to get warm. “Let us in,” he repeats insistently like a rehearsed or programmed mantra. Your chest now aches from the pounding terror in your heart.

Sometimes the children will say to let them in so they can rest or use your phone to call someone to come get them. They insist they won’t take long or it’ll only take a moment. That word moment sounds like a threat…meaning they won’t take them long to–KILL YOU.

Again, at your frozen response the child says they want to come into your home, “…just to READ.” That request alone is so off the wall panic floods every bone in your body to flee. Their repeated reassurance that they ‘won’t be long’ or that they ‘won’t hurt you’ only confirms that you need to slam the door, or run.

These children are dangerous.

If you’re in your car, when they approach, they will ask you to let them in so YOU can take them home, giving you an excuse that they forgot their money or that they’re late and need your help.

Horrifying Dangerous Black-Eyed Children #ASMSG #MFRWauthor @houstonhavensIn either case when you refuse, it is then and only then when one or both will lift their heads and stare at you. That’s when your fear turns into pure panic. That’s when you notice they have perfectly flawless or artificial skin. It looks pale and bloodless. The color has a bluish or olive-green tone. And then, as if suddenly released from a trance you notice they have SOLID black or white eyes.

The alarm in you is so strong…you want to slam the door or drive off BUT YOU CAN’T.  Your TERROR only grows as they keep repeating their request to come in or be let in. At your first refusal to their request the INDIGO black-eyed children become more determined. They will repeat their request in a firmer tone (like a scolding parent) ASKING PERMISSION FROM YOU TO LET THEM COME IN!

If you refuse or remain silent out of fear, they will smile. That smile will chill your blood. It’s a smile that says they know the fear they’re creating in you. They know their power. Some say the smile is like they know something and the only way you’ll know what they know is if you grant their request…and let them in. But your body warns you’re not going to like what that threatening smile hides….it’s like the smile of a murderer.

If you don’t slam the door that very minute and manage to spit out a question, these black-eyed kids don’t answer it or their reply is evasive. Such as, if you manage to say “It’s late. Your parents must be worried about you. You should go home.” They will reply, “Invite us in for a short time.”

And all you feel is PANIC when they keep repeating “Just let us in…we can’t come in until you let us. We won’t hurt you. Let us in. We don’t have a gun.” Meaning they don’t need a gun to do whatever they want to do to you once you AGREE to let them in?

At this point, you slam the door when your refusal to let them in turns their vicious evil grins into expressions of rage! As your heart nearly pounds out of your chest, leaning your back against the door like a bar to keep them out, you hear a horrendous scream like a Bobcat that will chill you to the bone.

Some will hear the black-eyed kid’s voice come through the door demanding you let them in. Others will see the black-eyed kids peeking in the windows. If you’re lucky, when you do find the nerve to look out – they’re gone.

But don’t rest easy – I’ve heard those who are visited by these black-eyed kids will usually be visited by them again.

The terror is real. You hear it in the voices of those who talk about their experiences. I have to wonder –


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Horrifying Dangerous Black-Eyed Children #ASMSG #MFRWauthor @houstonhavens

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